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Records Trading Group — the company occupies a leading position in the wholesale supply of spare parts to the Uzbek market, mainly for domestic cars manufactured by GM Uzbekistan, as well as motor oils and coolants. The main priorities of the company are: market research, increase in the number of manufacturers producing only high-quality products for consumer needs, quality control of the supplied products, expansion and effective management of the distribution network in the region, improvement of service for both whole and retail customers. We work mainly with Korean, Japanese and European spare parts manufacturers and supplier brands such as AtasBX, Alphaline, AMP, Brembo, Corteco, Continental Contitech, CTR (Central Corporation), Delphy, D-Only Brake Pads, DRB, Dong Yang Piston , Gates, GMB, JANMOR, Marmot, Mitsuboshi, NPR, NSK, PHC Valeo, Pyung Hwa Global, Shin Hwa, SIB, S-Oil Total Lubricants, Petronas, Tesla Batteries, Elim Electronics Corp. We have been working for more than 10 years, successfully developing, expanding the range of products and range of services.

Trade group Records Trading Group held many meetings, seminars and trainings with staff on a regular basis, which effectively contribute to the development of our company. Our office has exhibition stands with the release of all our key partners. Our customers can view and test new models.

We are official distributors on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the largest manufacturer of auto parts, lubricants and coolants

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